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Display advertising rates are based on price of each individual ad run in each monthly edition.
"Multiple Edition" placement discounts are available
"12 Time Rate" indicates monthly rate based on contracted insertion for ad(s) placed
in any 12 consecutive monthly issues - per edition.
The "12 time" rate is roughly equivalent to a 35% discount off the "One Time (open) Rate" (see chart below) .
Select Ad Size: Dimensions

12x Contract Rate
(cost for each
monthly ad run

12x Contract Rate

(cost for each
monthly ad run

One Time (1x) run
COLOR Total Ad Rate

cost for each
ad run month-to-month

One Time
(open) Rate

cost for each
ad run month-to-month
Full Page 7-1/2"w x 9-7/8"h $750 $555 $980 $755
3/4 Page 5-5/8"w x 9-7/8"h $545 $375 $775 $575
1/2 Page 7-1/2"w x 4-7/8"h $400 $250 $560 $380
3/8 Page 5-5/8"w x 4-7/8"h $315 $185 $415 $255
1/4 Page Vertical
3-11/16"w x 4-7/8"h
7-1/2"w x 2-3/8"h
$220 $125 $315 $195
3/16 Page Vertical
1-3/4"w x 7"h
5-5/8"w x 2-3/8"h
$170 $ 95 $230 $140
1/8 Page
Vertical Horizontal
1-3/4"w x 4-7/8"h
3-11/16"w x 2-3/8"h
$115 $ 65 $170 $ 95
1/16 Page 1-3/4"w x 2-3/8"h $95 $ 45 $115 $ 65
Print Listing Plus listing info (below) + tagline - four (4) line listing - $25 - -
Print Listing co./name/addr/ph/fax
three (3) line listing
- $20 - -
Job Connection Classified Ad - - - $45
(1st 50 words)
50¢/word thereafter

Multiple Edition Discount Scale
For regional coverage, place your ad and/or listing in two, three, or all four monthly print editions.
We offer discounts up to 25% off the best published rate for network-wide placements, as follows:
Multple Print Edition Placements: Discount Percentage
Two (2) editions and/or sites

Three (3) editions and/or sites

15% off total - 24 total ads run in 12 month period

20% off total - 36 total ads run in 12 month period

Print Directory Listings Discounts:
Receive 20% off Services Directory print listings when placed in conjunction with display ads and/or with placement of two or more listings in one edition.

Listing placements are limited to no more than three (3) lines. Web site domains or email addresses may be included as they fit, or in place of address or fax number.

"Listing Plus" contains an added fourth line that runs just under the company name in bold italic type, for use as an explanatory 'tag-line' (e.g.: type of service, territory, etc).

*Please note: No discounts are offered or given on color
Advertising submission space reservation deadlines are generally on or near the 15th of each month.

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