24th Annual CCNC Meets CAT Claims Head-On

Over the years, the Claims Conference of Northern California has experienced its share of catastrophic events on a regional and national scale during the days of its annual event. The most heinous of these events was 9/11/2001, when most folks arriving to attend the CCNC discovered what was happening in our nation.

On a more insurance-related instance, the massive PG&E gas explosion in San Bruno happened during the conference at the Hyatt in Sacramento.

Numerous attendees and vendors alike had to leave hastily to go assist with that devastation. It’s been suggested that part of the reason CCNC has experienced these types of catastrophes is because the conference is generally held around hurricane season for much of the country.

In a bit of a nod to all that, the 24th annual CCNC planning committee chose to produce a conference centered this year around catastrophe (CAT) claims. Despite the fact that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma forced changes to the planned schedule of events, the training that came out of this year’s program could well serve claims people and support vendors alike for years to come.

Changing the time of year of the conference has been suggested and considered. The notion sounds simpler than the reality of it would likely be. For one thing, competition with other industry events who have established themselves throughout the years with their events held at other times of the year would be a tough nut to crack. Logistically, otherwise, there are other major hurdles that would have to be addressed. Still, there are those said to be considering options.

For this year, however, CAT work training was demonstrative. From opening day keynote speaker, Jerry Bialick, to many of the programs offered over the two days of continuing ed classes, including use of drones, cyber technology and more, attendees walked away arguably with a good deal more working knowledge of dealing with these stressful and often overwhelming situations.

And, a good bit of fun was had along the way.

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