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People on The Move Questionnaire:
People on the Move is provided as an informational article service to the industry, intended to help keep everyone concerned informed as to what’s going on, and who is where. Article material is placed and used at the discretion of Association News Network, Inc. Said use does not serve in any way as an endorsement of one company or individual over any other. Content is provided and published to inform. Publisher reserves the right to edit content, and assumes no responsibility as to accuracy of material. Our readers are encouraged to follow-up with folks listed to learn more.
You're welcome to use the following questionnaire as a guideline for writing your own announcement,
which you are welcome to submit by email (please include POTM in subject), or simply answer
the following questions and we'll put something suitable together for publication.

Featured Person's Name:
When did you start?
What is your official position?
Please describe briefly the service(s) your firm provides:

What is your territory?

How did you first get into this industry?

What were you doing prior to that?

Where are you from originally?
Do you have particular background/credentials/degrees you'd like mentioned?

What has been one of your strongest accomplishments thus far in your work?

A quote from your boss about you and/or your move?
Any additional comments we might include?
Personal interest you' might like to share?
Desired phone number contact info for publication?
Desired email contact info for publication?

People on The Move is a service to the claims industry by Association News Network, Inc. Inclusion in the People on the Move column is at the sole discretion of the publisher. Copy may be edited for appropriateness and length. Announcements are intended to be informative and not commercials. We offer paid advertising space for that. Thank you for your submission.